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As a value added service we offer ALL of our residential customers any minor repair service just $99
  • Includes a complete set of structured diagnostic testing and the first minor repair.
  • Your home will be safe for your piece of mind
  • For your convenience we will identify and explain the cause and effect of any electrical issues, so you can prevent problems in the future


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(856) 652-2506
Back up power options
  • Generator inlets and Load centers - if the power goes out you simply plug your portable generator in and select the loads you wish to power so your family isn't in the dark during a storm $849
  • Fully automatic stand by systems with load shedding capabilities - load shedding enables the unit to cut power to non essential loads so  you don't need as big of a generator and you still get the advantages of a fully automatic system at a lower cost. 8kva $7499
  • Fully automatic whole house systems.  Maintain your families climate and comfort in any grid down situation.  (The zombies don't stand a chance) 14kva $10649

Complete Kitchen Remodel
  • We can work directly with you or your contractor
  • You describe your vision and we listen.  Our goal is to understand yours.  We will work tirelessly before we ever lift a tool to make sure we excede your expectations when we finish.
  • Base package includes 4 recessed lights 1 pendant or small chandelier, relocating existing small appliance circuits and 10 feet of under cabinet lighting.  $2459

Transient Voltage Surge Protector
  • Protect all of your homes sensitive electronics
  • Featuring Eaton Cutler Hammers Ultra whole house TVSS
  • You can eliminate the mess of wires behind your TV or computer with in wall point of use devices while extending there life and protecting their use for years to come
  • Complete packages include 2 point of use devices, 1 whole house unit and a Cutler Hammers $25,000 connected equipment warranty for just $489